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I know this post has been made before.. but now with my new job and all I get much more time to check this message board.. It's really sweet having a DSL at work..

Anyway.. SO who's in the Philly area and WHERE do you get your car worked on?? Maintenence and Performance wise..Are there any real good shops in the area?? I get lots of my stuff Installed at AUto Addictions of Allentown.. but buy most of my stuff online.. anyone recomend a good mechanic?? I need to replace my radiator.. is this a doit yourselfer?? I have access to a full array of tools.. (No impact wrenches) but the usual stuff.. so can I swap in a radiator with some help or no?? what kind of radiator should I get??


1994 VTEC
Eibach Pro-kit, KYB AGX shocks, AEM CAI, AEM pullies, Thermal exhaust.
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