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Khumo Supra 712 vs. Pirelli 7000 SS vs. Bridgestone RE730

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Ok guys, its time for me to buy tires!! And not a moment too soon. Thank God, my RE92's are really start to suck pretty hard. All Bridgestones I've ever owned have dry-rotted and look like sh*t.

So, what are your all's experiences with these tires?

Thanks for your input.
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I've had the RE730s for about 6000 miles now and except for loud tread noise between 30-50 mph, they are great. Dry grip is better, steering response/turn in is a bit better and the wet grip MUCH better.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jallen1217:
loud tread noise between 30-50 mph, .</font>
Thats why i'm going w/the kumhos. Would 225 40 16's fit on the stockies?
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