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Hi all,

Just picked up a 99 Type SH this weekend. It's in great shape and a blast to drive. The problem I have is that the dealership I got it from didn't have the Keyless entry transmitters, so I need a new set
. I called up the local Honda dealership (Crown Honda/Volvo) and they want $142 each PLUS programming! This seems a bit high, I think I could get a whole alarm for the price of a pair. Thus, some questions...

1. Does anyone know of a source either online or in the Raleigh/Durham NC area to get a new transmitter?

2. What is involved in programming these
things? Some fancy computer thingy, red key, etc.?

3. Can anyone recomend a good alarm installer if I can't find a decent price for the transmitters.

I'm not as worried about security as I am my clumsy self keying up the doors trying to unlock them.



99 Type SH
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