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I just changed my manual transmission fluid with the GM syncromesh fluid that seems to be very popular here. I didn't have any grinding at 84K, having just bought the car. It was driven very easily by the previous female owner and hopefully this wasn't the first time the fluid was changed. I haven't taken it out since the change because it's raining.

I referenced:

it has a link to another great writeup, that I also referenced.

I used the filler and drain plugs (17 mm, 3/8 in. socket fitting), but also saw a plug that has a fitting for a 1/2 inch rachet. It is toward the right wheel well. What is that for?

Secondly, I had the car completely level while filling (front wheels off, low on the jack so it was level) and after putting about 2 quarts in, it was leaking out of the filler opening, slightly. I just screwed the upper plug in as it had a slight steady stream. Should have I waited until it did not drip at all?

I will give a report as to my findings with the GM fluid once I drive it for awhile. As I said, I don't have any grinding, but the shifter seemed to get notchy as the car warmed up.
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