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does anyone know for sure? i've heard that all jdm h22a is the same. Preludes from 93-01 use the same h22a motor. Is this true? Does all jdm h22a have the same hp? (200hp for the base, 220hp for the type s). i've brought a jdm h22a AT motor for $1500, but i dont know if it OBD I or II. i've asked, but all i get is that OBD II have a crank sensor. Is there any way to tell what year is the motor? i dont know anything about motor, any help would be greatly appreciated...

btw... tell me if this is a good deal or not...i've bought:
1. a jdm h22a motor for $1500.00
labor for installation is $400.00
2. clutch master stage 3 & cm lightweight flywheel all for $636.00 pick up from NOPI (originally $815)
labor on this is free
3. four rotora's rotors from Specialque GB for $333.00 shipped (thanks Luke)
installation cost $70.00

all for a total cost of $2939.00

well what do you guy think?

i also have for sale
jdm AT distributor(under 30,000 miles)
h22a4 head
stock valve cover

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move your distributer to advance/retard timming, and see if the ecu compensates, and puts it back to stock.

If it puts it back to stock, then its obdii, if it stays where you set it, its obdi :bigthumb:
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