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ok, so the check engine light has been on for a long time. but i didn't notice any problems with performance. the engine code is for the fuel system.

one thing i do notice is this:

i live on a hill. so when going anywhere, i have to go downhill. when going downhill the car seems to bog/hesitate a little bit. it doesn't do it at all when the car is on straight surface or a little hill.

so what could it be? is it the injectors? i've been putting that injector cleaner into my tank every now and then and the light still wont go away.

could it be the filter, pump?


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Well fuel and oil additives are nono in our car. But that aside, i can absolutely tell you its not the fuel pump. If the fuel pump doesnt work, the gas doesnt circulate, and you stall out. Fuel pumps are one of those things that either work or they dont ... I would suspect injectors ... grab your helms and do the fuel system checkup. It starts with fuel pressure (i think) so find that out... at idle and at 3k... Also, can you find out when the code trips... or does your original CEL still exist?
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