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installing springs, need to cut the bumpstops?

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Hi, I was just wondering if it was necessary to cut the bumpstops when installing new springs and shocks? Also, if I should do it, but don't, what will end up happening?
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On the Neuspeed/Koni set-up you need to cut the rears an inch and a half.
what kind of springs are you installing?? because some require it and some dont.
You should be fine by cutting the bumpstops in half. Chceck the directions first or call the manufacturer
I just installed my Ground Controls and I was trying to "slam" my car just for pics. I have them threaded all the way down and my tires are just flush with the fenders in the front. I have my bump stops cut in half right now. Do you guys think I am riding on the bumps and thats why I cant go any lower? It seems to me liek I should be lower than that with them threaded all the way down! Who here is lowered more than like 2-3 inches? What did you guys do? Should I just cut another notch off of my bump stops?

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I cut mine in half when I installed my neuspeed sports..well I didn't exactly install them I watched them install it
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