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installed vafc....getting some codes.

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I just installed a vafc on my 5gen not a week ago...everything was running great initially and the only setting i had was for the vtec x-over....then today i decided to punch in the settings found on that AOL site and about a couple hours later the damn CE light is on again and i know i'm in safety mode again...sluggish throttle, the works...can anyone tell me what's up?
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Yes. You have a loose connections.


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Actually, it was running just fine until i made fuel corrections....then the light came i'm thinking it's a O2 sensor problem since i'm running in safety mode again. OBD2 is too damn sensitive.
I there anyone who has NEVER gotten some code to flash after installing this?
well, i reset my ecu this morning and it's gone and safety mode is gone too....just a question though, is it necessary to disconnect the v-afc when you disc the battery? that's what i did anyway just to be on the safe side...just wondering if it was necessary. Also, when i reconnected my battery i turned the power on but not the engine with the vafc still CE light...however, when i reconnected the vafc and turned the power on i got the CE light again.
its probably your connections, i have never had a problem with my SFC-VTEC, the only code i have ever gotten after the vtec controller was a cylinder position sensor. All i did was disconnect the battery, and it went away and has never come back. The car didnt go into "limp" mode. it ran fine.

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What code did you throw? That might help us narrow the field for what is wrong.
loose connection probably....

sounds like you got the vtm wire hooked up right (taped off one side).

It's an O2 sensor code...which i've had before installing the it's not any loose connections...however, i was just wondering if the leaner mixture set off the OBD2...
I'm beginning to think I'm having the same problem as you smoothludey.
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