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Important: Racing vs Loved Ones

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I know some of you have to go through this I come to ya'll for advice...

My girlfriend (of about a month) has all of a sudden become worried that I am going to get hurt when I race. I think a lot of it is because i just blew my engine racing. She thinks that something will happen that will cause me to be injured. And by racing I am talking controlled environment, autocross, 1/4 mile drag strip, etc...I do not race on the streets.

I've told her a milllion times how safe it is...she's even been down the 1/4 mile with me before, and afterwards said, that was fun, n didn't seem dangerous at all. I've told her reason after reason on why I do it, and will continue doing it...

main reason being...its my passion in life...

but yet, after a couple hour discussion today...she continues to think I dont care enough about her to quit...n she says not to do it just because of her, but everyone that cares about me...

I dont know what to tell her...except that I would do a lot of things for her...and i care about her a lot...but I can't give up my passion...

I personally think she is being a little "closed minded"

but I want everyones take on this...its really important that she knows I care about her, but also that she knows i can't quit...

thanks guys (n gals)

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by her asking you to stop racing is like you asking her to stop shopping (or whatever she enjoys doing). she's not being fair cuz everything you do, there will be risks involved, no matter what the sport is. in fact, there's more of a chance of getting hurt just driving to work than being on a track, no?
ot but heres my part:

i say race ALOT less from now on. if ur goal in life isnt to become a race car driver, i think it would be alright to not race as much. that doesnt keep u from modding ur ride and pimpin it out on the roads. heck u can do a few street races ( though more dangerous) but ur gf would feel better about it.


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I dunno what's really the problem.

Is it:

A) Girlfriend (of all of one month) becoming super-over-protective

B) Couple of hours discussions

C) Priorities

Personally, I think all three are problems, but that's just me

First I want to know how you blew your H23

I think it's kind of quick of her to spring the "priorities" and "what do you care about more" discussions so early on. That's just plain mean of her!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by imagepree:
there will be risks involved, no matter what the sport is. in fact, there's more of a chance of getting hurt just driving to work than being on a track, no? </font>
yeah, those are my two major complaints
i dont agree with that... this is something the man loves to do, and giving it up a little will compromise his self respect.
dude, ya gotta take a stand on this one. i'm not trying to ruin your relationship, but since it's fairly new, you gotta stand your ground on issues like this. if you give up on it now, you will never get it back. there's no "i'll start racing later..." because in her mind, once something is given up, it's gone.
Don't give in to it BlackMagic, as the signs it gives to her are not good, and she will continue to use emotional black mail to get what she wants.(which is what this is!)
Take all precautions you can, and inform her you do so (I think you have!) but you MUST stand your ground and do what you enjoy.
I like the "Would you stop shopping?" approach, and to expect you to stop something you love is out of the question.
Most lads have to be happy once the bloom of a relationship dies down, and if you let her rule your life too much, you won't be!
I have just come out of such a relationship very bitter, and though I tried to please her when we were really passionate, once that died off I realised what I really had and just bounced back more determined to do what I wanted in life(within reason!)
You are the only stable thing in your life! Don't forget that!

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I will read this later in the off topic forum which is where this is going to go now.
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