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I just found out that we cannot advance or retard the ignition timing on the H22A (at least for the 5th gen) 'cuz one of the holes for on the distributor housing is round instead of slotted. I'm wondering if anyone had tried advancing the ignition timing on the H22A before? I'm thinking about opening that one hole to a slot (just like the other 2 holes) so I can adjust the ignition timing. Can this be done?

Also, for those who have cam gears, after the installation, the ignition timing should be off from the factory spec. Did you have to re-adjust the ignition timing?

Thanks in advanced.

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it's said that timing is controlled by the ecu. The only way i know of getting around it is by doing an obd1 switch.

you should try to reverse engineer the j&s, heheh...

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