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if YOU ARE reading this

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already there

95 Prelude VTEC
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hey now, no double posting!

this thread is now locked!

wait, i dont have the power to do that
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"drive fast, be yorself, and party till she's cute!

Originally posted by some canadian guy:
Like I said, Road trip - baseball bat
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is this gonna be another thread that we all try to get in before it's locked? Cause if it is, I'm in!

I'm in


99' Pearl White Prelude
CF Hood
Mugen replica body kit (Front bumper getting repaired)
SFII front bumper
Neuspeed sport springs
Injen Intake, Racing medallion Exhaust
Apex'i V-AFC
Sony CDX-M650 head unit
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Lol, this isn't a double thread. Er, not quite, some guys harassed me about the spelling error in the last post similiar to this where I used "come in if your reading this" where "your" was used wrong, it should be YOU ARE

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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