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Racer’s Demand, IDRC Delivers A Bonus Mid-Summer West Coast Event
IDRC to Produce Another Record-Setter on July 28th and 29th at LACR

In a unanimous vote, the staff and volunteers of the IDRC approved the
addition of a bonus West Coast event to the 2001 Championship Series
schedule. Now, July 28th and 29th will serve as the dates for the IDRC’s
Mid-Summer Nationals to be held at Los Angeles County Raceway (LACR) located
in Palmdale, California.

This event is to be televised on Speedvision as either a ½-hour or 1-hour
program (decision of event title sponsor). The IDRC has proven it has the
network of promoters and the quality event program needed to produce
successful Southern California events as supported by the record-setting
attendance figures. While many sponsor opportunities have been sold out for
the 2001 season, this bonus event opens the door for an existing or new
sponsor to jump in as a title or presenting sponsor.

Asked about the future event planning strategies of the IDRC, National
Director Michael Ferrara had this to say, “A minimum of three events per
year in each region is what the fans desire. This will be part of our goal
in planning our 2002 schedule that is projected to include approximately
16-to-18 events. By 2003, the IDRC plans to expand its program into Puerto
Rico, Japan, Australia, Canada and the Caribbean. History has proven that
drag racing filled with strictly American-built cars has a limited global
appeal. It’s the IDRC’s belief that it is not the sport of Drag Racing that
is not appealing on a global level, it’s the absence of world-built cars.
Since the IDRC drag racing program features cars built from all over the
world, we believe that the IDRC can build drag racing fans in every
developed country in the world. Our five- and 10-year business plans are
even more exciting as the IDRC looks to be a leader in global motorsports
entertainment. The event organizations that don’t listen to the
participants, over-promise and under-deliver to the sponsors and fail to
entertain the fans are living on borrowed time. They will be gone when the
money is gone or when mergers and acquisitions reveal the bottom line. The
IDRC is here to stay, as we are in it to win it.�

The next event in the 2001 IDRC Championship Series will be on May 20th at
Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, Pennsylvania. As the East Coast Season
Opener, the card is nothing less than incredible. World premiere debuts of
the Pro Class “Import Killer� Hoyos Racing Ford Focus V6 and the Pro Class
Buschur Racing Eclipse; Record-setting attempt from the 8-second Outlaw A’
PEX Integration Integra…Can they beat Steph’s record?; and the
much-anticipated return of Abel Ibarra to the driver’s seat of the Toyo
Tires RX-7. Vendor booth space is still available. For more details, visit <>.

IDRC, Inc.
21405 Brookhurst Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
(714) 593-0280 / (714) 593-0281 fax

Jimmy L.
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