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I went to the witch-doctor and this is what he said, he said ".....

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...he said my car alignment is messed up because my tires are messed up and I need new tires or so. But my tires 'looks' pretty good to me."
Is this true? I have a year alignment warranty with this body shop which I HATE. and I got a feeling that they just don't feel like giving me a "free" alignment, which i paid $100 for like 4 months ago.
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fvck em. Get your $$'s worth. If your tires look okay to you, go get a 2nd opinion. I hate it when people are lazy fvckas. Good luck!


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Man..sometimes people just lie to get you to buy new stuff...if your tires are okay.. then screw it..get your free alignment.



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screw them..get it anyway. It's free so and it can't hurt.
you know what I am gonna chill for a while,
i am gonna get new shocks over da summer and I will take it back to them then...
or do you think i can take it to a place and get a 2nd opinion for FREE?
They won't do a good job, certainly not for "free".
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