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I need some help plz! about suspension....

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Ive lowered my car with prokits and koni yellows but now I regret lowering because of all the bumps on road, jackin up mah rs racing kit. So I was wondering if I can reinstall my stock springs and keep the konis in. How would this affect the ride quality? also would it make the ride back to orignial height? thanks in advance.
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i'm already scraping everything w/ the stock height.. what are you complaining about?
ever been to nyc?
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yes you can use stock springs with koni shocks! and if you want stock ride height..just make sure you dont put it on the lowest spring perch. But i dont know why you're having problem with it being too low. I know a few people with prokits and a body kit with little problems.
Imagepree- how come ur scraping at stock height? I've lowered mine w/Neuspeed and haven't scraped yet, except on steep driveways and shiet like that.

Either u drive like a maniac or I drive like a Grandpa?
Queens have smoother roads I bet!!! HA Not!

BTW- u goin up to the Palisades this wknd?

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As long as you dont have an SH, there's no problem with using the stock springs with Koni's. If you use the upper perch (only 2 on the front) on the front shock and the middle perch (out of 3) on the rears, you'll be at stock height.

Ride quality will depend on how you set the Koni's. I found that full soft was a little firmer than stock. Full stiff was painful on bumpy roads.
Chiuey: What Perch settings are the springs at on the shock body? When mine first went on they were on the lowest setting and I scraped everywhere too - since then I raised it up to the top so it's just the 1.3" drop from the Eibach springs and haven't had a problem.
Yah...its on the lowest I think...Im gonna raise it to stock height again. thanks!
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Chiuey:
Yah...its on the lowest I think...Im gonna raise it to stock height again. thanks!</font>
Come on man! Don;t do it! Lowered cars look great and handle sweeeeeet!
Is it any lower than mine? That is a standard strut with the Pro-kits, nothing else, and I have NEVER scraped the car, even on our awful British roads!
If it's any lower, OK, but try and get something looking like this ride height!

5th GEN 2.2 VTI 4WS Manual
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