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I need help anyone plz help I smashed my prelude

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Hey this is trent an I'm new with this I have a 97 Honda prelude type sh... I was involved in an accident a week ago an I'm out looking for a new front clip.. If anyone out there has a 97-01 prelude parts car out there that has been totaled from the doors back I'm really interested in purchasing ur car off u. I basically need the hood, fenders, metal bumper. Bumper cover, fog/blinkers, grill, headlights, radiator, core support, tranny lines that connects to the front of radiator, power steering reservoir, so unless u can cut me a deal for those parts I'm looking for a parts car.. Sincere hambo (my prelude) needs surgery an needs by snowfall I'm willing to drive a ways if car is a good price plz message me if u got anything or comment
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