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I posted this in the other post, but I'll put it here too.
I absolutely love the lighter flywheel. The car will stall MUCH easier if you don't give it enough gas, especially since I got a stronger clutch. But after just one day of driving it, i was used to it. Yes, you can feel the car pulling harder, and it rev's a hell of a lot faster...good for rev-matching your gears.

Premium White '99 base model Prelude

· AEM Cold Air Intake
· Type S shiftknob
· ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate - Street/Strip Disc
· Fidanza Flywheel
· Neuspeed Front Strut Tower Brace
· AEM Tru Power Pulleys

· Sony CDX-M750
· Precision Power PC4400.2 powering:
· Infinity Kappa 60.2cs 6.5" Components.
· Precision Power PC1400.2 powering:
· Single Image Dynamics IDQ 12 in a custom sealed box.

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Sup Chris,

Thanks for the reply. appreciate it!

I have heard good things about the Fidanza flywheel but just wanted to get an opinion from someone that has experience with the flywheel. Thanks again man......

2000 Prelude Type SH
Premium Pearl White

MODS: AEM CAI, DC Header, Greddy PE Exhaust, Vitek Wires, AEM CamGears, AEM TruPwr Pulleys, UR Crank Pulley, Apexi V-AFC, ACT XT Clutch, DC ShortShift Adaptor, ZEX 55 Shot Nitrous

V-Spec Coilovers, DC Fr. Upper Strut Bar, CarbonFiber Hood, OEM Bodykit, 17" Nippon Racing/NittoNT555ZRs, Type S shiftknob........
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