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I have chosen to make these templates for people because I have not been able to find them on any car forums I have visited

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any injuries or any technical faults that may occur when using these Templates as a GUIDELINE. If you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own please take it to a professional/body shop or purchase authentic JDM fenders.

Car: 92-96 Prelude
Time: Time will vary


1. Tape measure
2. Dry erase marker, pencil and paper. Chalk can be used instead of a dry erase marker for dark cars.
3. Dremel w/cutting bit and grind wheel
4. Sand paper
5. Templates
6. Masking tape
7. Touch-up primer and paint
8. News paper
9. Extra wire
10. Crimping tools
11. Eye protective glasses


1. JDM side markers

TEMPLATES imgs are not to scale they are a little smaller than actual size

Good Luck!! Remember it's better to cut small then you can use your dremel to expand the hole as you see fit.

Right side/passenger Fender

Templates Images are not to scale


1. Print out templates or create a template with the measurements I provided and cut the hole out with the scissors
2. Use the measurements I provided to get location of where the hole will go and mark it with a pencil, dry erase marker or chalk.
3. Lay the template over the fender and tape it down and make sure it is secure use the dry erase marker or chalk to fill in the paper hole or edges of the hole.
4. Use masking tape to mask off the surrounding area... basically, cover any spots around the hole that are not colored in.
5. Now comes the moment of truth, the dremel.Note I really do recomend practicing on scap metal first just so you already have a little experience with doin this before you cut your car.End Note For this part I used a cutting disk. This is the part you must be very careful with. Do Not!! use the disk to cut into the fender and then draw a strait line it is way to easy to snag a piece of metal and the dremel get out of your hand and fly up the fender and leave a nasty scratch. How I did this was I cut a slit buy pushing the disk in and pulling it out, moving down a little and repeating. Almost like making very wide doted lines.
6. Test fit the marker and use a grinding wheel to finish off any ruff areas. Then sand down the edges a bit.
7. After cutting the hole and wiping of the sweat from being so nervous. Mask off the Rest of the hole with a newspaper or what ever and Prime the edges

(pasenger side fender)
8. Remove news paper and use a cleaner such as "goo off"to remove any glue from the tape or over spray, this did not affect my stock paint.
9. Wire up your Side markers to your front side blinkers. Black goes to ground and the other Colored wire to the lead wire on the turn signals.
10. Clean up and Walla you’re done. Go to the other side and repeat

(driver side fender)

Yes I have my front lip off at the moment ill be putting in back on after i get a respray along with my rear and side skirts next month.

Preludes... nuff said
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Thanks!! I've been thinking of putting these on the lude...... this will allow me to mount them in the exact same spot as the JDM ones!!

So one template just needs to be made... then you can flip it for the next fender?



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4thGenReady2Go said:
I think I asked you about this before, but do you have a measurement from the bottom of the fender to the bottom of the sidemarker hole?
i can get it for you i just found this easier becasue the fender curves and the chances of it being off are greater if i go from the bottom.
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