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how fast would i be running with these mods>>>>>>

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i know this may be somewhat childish but i was just thinking and hoped u guys could give me some suggestions...

1999 honda prelude SS (not 5)
-DC CC 421 headers
-tanabe racing medalion
-3 piece UR pullies
-Apexi VAFC
-zex nitrous system running 55 shots
-everything else stock

so what kinda times do u guys think i actually might get from this? how bout in 65 instead of 55 shots?
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Did you ever get the ZEX to work? I mean fix the leaks?



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by checkmate58:
Did you ever get the ZEX to work? I mean fix the leaks?


not yet, i dont see my lude till the weekends. ill fix it when i see it tomorrow.

but back on topic, assuming the zex kit is running perfectly normal
ttt.... doesnt anyone have a rough estimate?
Just a guess but I think you'd be running low 14's on street tires, and 13.9-14.0 maybe on slick.

I could be wrong though, just a off top of my head vey quickly.
NG- I would say a mid-14's, maybe a 14.2-.3 if everything went well!

Just make sure not to F-up ur Tranny

01' Base 5-Speed
Stock for now
Parts to be installed-
AEM CAI, Neuspeed Sports & KYB AGX, Neuspeed Front STB, Apex V-AFC
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Aaron97SH:
good guess xhpx!</font>
I was typing my reply as you obviously had already post'd.

I really guess'd too.
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