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how come no one ever mentions HKS stuff?

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just curious why there doesn't seem to be any one with HKS exhaust on their ludes?

how is their quality? performance? looks?
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THey are big time turbo stuff. Dont know why not many Luders have their stuff, its good stuff...
...because they don't make jacksh!t for the BB6...
... becaused they shoved the worlds entire supply of HKS products into their 600 hp altezza super car...
HKS is nuttin but the best
Too bad they ignored the BB6 in their quest of attaining automotive perfection.
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they are specialized in turbo cars, plus prelude is not a popular tuner car in japan to start off with.

1999 prelude-stock
base 5 spd
premium white
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I remember seeing pictures of a HKS prelude turbo kit concept at a show years ago...That turbo look pretty sweet! but never made into production i guess..They have super draggers exhausts for the prelude..but i prefer the hiper exhaust..which they do not make for our bb6...=(

that ludes sweet but ur mamas tassstttyyy

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UK VTEC has a HKS induction kit on his 4th Gen!

5th GEN 2.2 VTI 4WS Manual
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i have an HKS Twin Power ignition & super fire plugs on my baby!


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Guiddy's right. I have the Super Flow intake and their Iridium plugs. It's expensive stuff, but what price is quality???
Here's a pic of my intake:

93 VTEC 4WS & TC (JDM)
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