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Date: FEB 25

BW3 at 12pm
11803 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77077

Good then off to the track !!

HERES the info for the Track day..

Drag Strip
Oval Track
Sunday Street Race

Time:2:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location Drag Strip

Fun and grudge racing without the worries of a red light disqualification. Race your car in the most "on-the-street" style of racing available. When you pull up to the starting line in your own car, you will only get a green light letting you know to GO! Test your reaction skills without the amber light warning or countdown.

Sunday night is a great night to bring out your street car or even full blown race car and run the quarter-mile. You will receive a win light and your own car's performance on the top end of the race track along with scoreboards showing the elapsed times.

Gates open 2:00 pm
Lanes open 3:00 pm
Lanes close 8:00 pm

Car and Driver $20.00
Crew/Spectatpors 10.00
Kids 12 and under FREE
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