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Honda : Prelude Si 4WS Coupe 2-Door 1991 honda prelude si 4 ws coupe 2 door 2.1 l



If you are looking for an original, unmolested,*fully functional 1991 Honda Prelude Si 4WS you've found it!**This is an example of a well*kept, garaged, adult-driven Prelude 4WS.* I am the 3rd owner of this vehicle.* It was originally a Colorado car driven an average of 5,000 miles per year and was listed on Ebay in 2012.* I purchased it and shipped it to MD with the intention of updating it and making it a fully functional and reliable car to enjoy for a couple years.* This*is my 3rd Prelude.* I drove a 1988 Prelude Si for 10 years from the mileage of 226,000 until the engine finally seized up at 400,000 miles.* I know these cars inside and out and they are a blast to own and drive! Tasteful updates to this car are as follows: Pioneer Bluetooth head unit and 6.5 speakers and that's it! This car has been repainted a bright red prior to my purchase and still shows well.**It has some hood chips and some chips on the sides here and there but for a 23 year old car it still turns heads.* This car is fully functional is a complete package deal.* Nearly all AC components have been replaced and it blows cold.* I have 3 Compressor Control Units to go with this car.* These are prone to having circuit board failure or loose soldering.* The one that came with the car works about 50% of the time.* The one currently installed has been working 95% of the time.* The other 2 I haven’t bothered testing since the first replacement has worked since purchase.* The power antenna works, cruise control works, etc.* I even have the door for the dash clock (kept from my 88 Si) The engine was gone over last August and a major refresh was done prior to a MD to NC roadtrip to an*Acura Legend meet.* The timing belt, water pump, accessory belts were replaced along with upper and lower radiator hoses,*the small coolant hoses under the distributor, valve adjustment, distributor and TDC sensor O-rings were also replaced.* This car does NOT leak oil.* One motor mount was replaced as well as the air filter and fuel filter.* I wanted to ensure I wouldn’t have any issues on the road trip and I didn’t.* The engine does use some oil and I check it and top it off every 2-3 weeks when I fuel up.* I only drive about 12 miles a day on it.* The transmission has no grinds in 3rd which is usually the first syncro to wear on these cars.* The other gears are smooth on upshifts, and downshifts are pretty good, as long as your patient and not mistreating it.* It will shift a little rough in the winter when it's < 30 degrees but I bet most 20+ year old cars do. I've changed the transmission fluid with genuine Honda fluid twice to maintain cleanliness and reliability. Included with the sale are the original radio and 2 speakers (if you really want them) a spare oil dipstick, headlight and 2 complete half nose mask kits.* The 3rd generation floor mats that came with it,*as well as a set of 4th generation Prelude floor mats that I use daily and are in excellent condition.* I also have the old timing belt and water pump and accessory belts that I kept to show a few friends and prove that the service was complete.* The pipe ahead of the muffler was replaced last week and the muffler is slowly breaking down and makes a little noise but it sounds good and almost sounds aftermarket.* It is not loud or cheap sounding. Most of my driving career has been centered around the 3rd generation Prelude and it’s all I known.* I’m ready for a change….life is too short!* If I had pole barn I would store this car and keep it as a classic but I’ve decided to let another enthusiast take it off my hands and enjoy it.* I’m in the hunt for an Acura Legend and move on to another awesome and rare automobile.* The 4WS works perfectly and always will.** In the interest of full disclosure, I don't want to sell this car.* I have over $7300 invested in it from purchase to present date. *Because of this I don't believe this is a $2,000 or $3,000 car.* I do have service history dating back to*12/13/2002.***If you have any questions or want a specific picture please email me.* This car is for sale locally and the auction could end at any time.* Good luck and happy bidding!*

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