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cell: 832-428-3669 names Pat
e-mail: [email protected]

Our online store is now up and running! Feel free to come check us out!
When you order, use the coupon code: prelude for the $130 shipped price

Our HIDs are $130 shipped*!!! All orders that are paid for before 5pm central time will go out UPS overnight that day. You order Monday afternoon, you will see your kit Tuesday.

Single Xenon HID Kits $130 shipped overnight
Fog Light HID Kits $130 shipped overnight
Bi-Xenon HID Kits $270 shipped overnight
D2R and D2S Bulbs $60 shipped overnight for a pair

Also, if you order an HID kit, for an added $10 you can get a pair of T10 LED bulbs that will replace your license plate bulbs.

These are one of the best HID Conversion kits on the market. The Bi-Xenon are TRUE Bi-Xenon Kits, look at the close up's of the duel beam kits. As with all of our kits, they are PLUG AND PLAY and come with relays already installed. Thats right, our kit comes with a relay harness. Don't be fooled by the other brands that don't have these. There are very few cars that can run without a relay harness and not burn out your factory connections. The only hassle you have is finding out where you want to mount the ballast. All of our kits are waterproof and vibration resistance. The pictures speak for themselves. As with all our kits, we stand behind them with a 1 YEAR NO HASSLE WARRANTY.

Every Single Xenon kit comes with:
2 Xenon bulbs
2 HID Ballast
Plug and Play Wiring Harness
Installation Guide
Mounting Hardware

Every Bi-Xenon kit comes with:
2 Dual beam Xenon bulbs
4 HID Ballasts
Plug and Play Wiring Harness
Mounting Hardware

Available Bulb Sizes: H1, H3, H4-Low, H4 Bi-xenon, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, D2S / D2R

You can buy colors from 4,300k, 6,000k, 8,000k, 10,000k, 12,000k. Custom colors are $20 extra and are as follows; blue, yellow, purple. We can do other colors but these are the most common.

Now there is not a huge light output difference between 4300k and 12000k. To illustrate my point, here is a comparison picture of the two on the same car. 12000k left - 4300k right

12000k vs 4300k against a wall

12000k vs 4300k showing output

So in the end it comes down to what color you are looking for or like the most. All the Kelvin ratings are clickable to see our customer cars that have them installed.
4300k = Crystal White

6000k = Crystal Blue

8000k = Blue

10000k = Deeper Blue with a hint of Purple

12000k = Violet

Custom Colors (added $20 charge and a 9-13 business day wait. there are other colors also, but these are the ones I have pictures of. These are not available for D2S/D2R or Bi-xenon bulbs)

Also, our Custom Colored bulbs start out as 4300k bulbs and then the gases inside are altered to give the desired color.

Here is a comparison between 4300k and a Custom Color Purple. Also this does not affect the life span of the bulb.

3000k = Tinted Yellow

Custom Color Yellow = Golden Bar Yellow

Custom Color Blue = Deep Blue

Custom Color Pink = Pink

Custom Color Purple = Deep Purple

Custom Color Green = Green

*$130 shipped to anywhere in the United States overnight. Shipping to Canada is an added $10 fee. Overnight shipping does not include Custom Colors. Order must be placed before 5pm central time for the item to be shipped out the sa

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Ya, with it you get actual customer service, a real warranty that we stand behind. Think of it this way, name any other HID vendor that gives out their number? They are all soley e-mail. On top of that we are on Honda-Tech (Link 1, Link 2), Scionlife, ClubScionTC, to just name a few and everyone is 80+ pages deep with nothing but positive feedback :) Just click on them and see :)
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