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results tinting my tail lights with VHT NiteShade w/pics 56k...go run some errands

Hey everyone. I'm 18 and broke, but I really want that black on black look. So I recently decided to "smoke" or tint out my back tail lights. I own a 97 Flamenco Black Prelude so I thought it would look good. I remember I did a search to find some preludes with their stock tails tinted and found some, but not too many. Yesterday I found myself taking a short drive to Summit Racing (literally about a 7 min drive from my house) and picking up a can of VHT Nite Shade.

It cost me about $13.80.

After I got home I started preparation. I never once took the lights off the car. I taped off everything I didn't want tinted and covered the lude's exposed body. The temperature outside is about 45-55 degrees. I do not believe this effected the final finish, or anything for that matter. If you can be in a garage, you can do this too, regardless of temperature.

Ohio winter's really take a s*** all over a black car. So I knew I needed to clean the surface of the taillights. I wiped them down with Windex, and then wiped them down with alcohol till they were clean and shinning.

Time to start spraying.

Now after this I got a little nervous...what if I mess up? Well turns out I did mess up a bit, but it wasn't anything that a little fine gritted (sorry I don't know the actually roughness, but it was more fine gritted paper) sand paper couldn't handle. I used that take off the tint. After the tint was off I reapplied the spray in light coats and let it dry to match the surrounding area.

The key to application is little bursts of spray instead of one continuous stream of spray. Keeping the product well mixed by shaking the can periodically, also helped the consistency of the final finish. Remember it's ok to mess up, but when you do make a mistake be prepared by having the tools needed to fix that mistake on hand, because the Nite Shade dries rather quickly and bonds to plastic very well. I would suggest keeping a spray bottle of water, paper towels, and a few sheets of fine gritted sand paper near by to address any problems.
If you take care of the running and dripping fast you can still have great looking lights. So do not be discouraged.

Now here is after applying a good amount of coats (about 4 real good coats with touch up spray where needed) My car is black so I decided to go a little darker.

One of the reasons I decided to leave the lights in instead of taking them off the car was to be able to immediately test their vibrancy after they were tinted.

Here they are with the lights on and turn signal on.

^ Not too shabby for a cost of under $20.00.

Now lets compare stock color to tinted.



Picture of tails at Night:

In the light:

In closing, I have found this out.
TAKE YOUR TIME AND IT IS EASY. Masterpieces are rarely made in hours, and Rome wasn't built in a day so I've heard.
Prepping and masking off areas of your prelude is just as a crucial step as spraying the tint on itself.
And if you learn anything from this and want to try it yourself just remember.
SPRAY IN SHORT BURSTS at about A FOOT AWAY. (10 inches maximum)

I hope to have some night pictures up later to show the illumination at night.

Now time to save up for some new shoes to match that new ass on it.

I was thinking Black Rota Slipstreams, but haven decided 16" or 17". But that is for later (like spring or early summer)...

Next thing that my lude, Ludious Maximus, has in store for it is S2R Intake Manifold install, Tanabe front strut bar install, NGK wires, and NGK iridium plugs.
Hopefully I'll be receiving my p1 style lip this week as well.

Anyways enough of me raving about my lude.

Thanks everyone!

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So if you park your car on the street at night are the reflectors visible to a car coming down the road?

Blacked out tail lights eliminate light output and the reflective range of you lights.

A family friend had a car turn right out in front of him and he hit the car. The cop wrote the car that pulled out in front of him tickets for his tinted tail lights, tinted sidemarkers and for failing to yield the right of way.

Blacked out tail lights make a car seem further away then they are and can be ticketed at anytime day or night.

It makes a great reason for you to get pulled over. I personally try not to get pulled over.

I also try to keep myself safe and not held liable for a unsafe modification.

Ask your insurance agent to check them out and see what they say...

B cuz I got it like that.
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I new not to venture into this thread.
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