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Help with codes please. 1998 prelude SH code pics are in comments also

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Had this car for two months now. these codes popped up and like a week ago while I was driving. The D4 light was blinking. Blinked a week prior but nothing happened.Anyways as I was driving I make a full stop and press the gas and it stopped at 3rpms and jumped and speed was stuck about mid 30 even pressing the gas petal all the way down. I was in D4 tried shifting to manual and wouldn’t switch gears only in automatic but still shifting through gears just made it worse And I been driving with it with front and back motor mounts shot. And has no bushing struts are blown to **** coilovers are busted . Can’t even go over a lil speed bump without The whole front end bouncing it’s horrible and to top it off has Arizona plates 2017 and I’m in California.
Cars been sitting since what do these codes mean and what do I do ? My mechanic said it could be possibly be the shift solenoid or the sensor idk I need help.


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There are a few things that could possibly be going on. One of those codes is for the shift selector which is the shifter itself in the car. Id check the front of the transmission there are a few solenoids there. YouTube has a video or two of how to clean out the shift solenoids on your transmission. I did it to my auto base Lude and it helped out a lot. Clear the codes and see how long it takes before they come back. If you need to pass smog, they may stay out long enough for the readiness monitors to set so you can pass an emissions test. If your front and rear mounts are shot, I recommend replacing them ASAP to stabilize the engine and trans assembly before you waste out your axles and lower ball joints.
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