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Help!!!! What to do for bumpstops on a Koni Install?

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Alright, so I finally get my friend to help me put my parts on this weekend, and things are not going smoothly at all...

So, we wanted to do the suspension first - I have Koni Sports and Tanabe SuperHs. We started at the rear. We took off the rear spring/damper assembly without incident. We compressed the spring and disassembled the unit. I did not realize this before, but the Koni strut shaft diameter is bigger than the stock strut... 12mm vs 10 mm. We were able to get the new assembly together and then I realized that I had no bump stop... The stock bumpstop would be great, but I can't get it off the stock strut. There's a big washer-like thing that looks like it's welded to the stock strut shaft!

Is there a way to get the stock bumpstops off and reuse them? You can't just cut it off, right? What can I do for a bumpstop? Even if I had one to use, how would I get it over the ring that is welded to the shaft on the Koni? HELP!!

Also, on a side note, I think I figured out why everyone seems to be striping the nuts on the rear Konis. I have a work around with lots of pics to post later after I get my car situation sorted out...

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I just installed my Koni's today and you can use the stock bumpstop. You have to tap that washer off of the stock shock, it is not welded to it.

Once you get it off, cut the bumpstop in half and put it on the shock. The hole on one end of the bumpstop is bigger than the other end, just use the end with the bigger hole.
Thanks rf7475!

What did you use to get that washer off the stock strut shaft? I thought that it was just a washer at first... So I was banging on it with a rubber mallet trying to get it off to get at the bumpstop... When the washer would not budge, I decided that it must be welded on there... Any tips on getting that washer off?

I believe it just came off after we hit it with a little hammer when we installed the yellows on my car. And rf is right, its not welded on there
Yes, just tap on it with a hammer.. comes right off.. you'll have to use a lot of force to push that bumpstop into the Konis thou. but other then that.. everything is cake. Hope you enjoy your new ride height and the better cornering ability

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I used a vice to get them off. I left it open enough to let the shaft slide through and not touching it(get your mind out of the gutter
), but closed so it hits on the washer. I then pulled hard and it popped off when it hit the vice.
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