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Hey guys,
Im a new member, and Im sure you get this often but here it comes once more.
I have 92 Lude Si and I want to slam this thing. Approx 2" would be nice.
I dont have too much cash so here are some options I think I might choose from. And Please, I cant afford dont make me sad by mentioning them.

I want H&R Race Springs for the 2" Drop however, I dont know what shocks to use with them...Is there anything cheaper than KONI's out there that can handle the 2" Drop? Or can I sit on my stock shocks for a few months before I save up for KONIS?
Plus Ive been hearing KYB AGX's popping off cause of 2" Stress, plus you lose your warranty so I think Ill stay away from those. But anything cheaper than KONI's?

If I were to go Coilovers, I want GC's. However I know for a fact, you need to ride these with KONI's if I want it down to about 2". And this is a little pricey for me.

I ****ing wish.

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koni's aernt the only ones u can use :laugh:
i was using tokicko blues for a bout 2 years with my groundcontrols and i h ad no problem
with 2" I'd be more concerned with a camber kit
but just dont use your stock struts

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ok. I'm gonna say this again. I KNOW i'm right about this.

Pretty much any mass produced shock you get is going to be the same length as the stock shock. Doesn't matter what brand: koni, tokico, kyb, I'm not really sure about tiens i must admit, but i would wager that they are. They're all the same length as stock. As such, they can all "handle" a drop the same. If you drop your car on koni's you're gonna be crunching the tops of those everybit as much as your stock or tokico shocks. (although my konis came with some great bumpstops, so that does help, but you could put some nice bumpstops on your stock shocks and achieve the same effect).

So if it's not done right, you won't last any longer on koni's than you will on stock shocks.

The real question about stock shocks vs. aftermarket ones is how they handle different spring rates. I still say that stock ones can handle all the lower kits out there just fine, but I'm just a crazy arrogant engineering student.

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Jon Like Wh0a said:
get [email protected]#! they are kinda pricey, but i've never heard any complaints about them
I read complaints all the time about how harsh they are if you drive on anything other than a track...granted they are GREAT coilovers, though, I've heard to just prepare for the harshness.

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