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Help me find a lude?

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I'm trying to find a 4th gen lude w/ under 100k miles for around 8k. I can't really afford any more than that seeing as how I am 18 and have to pay for it myself (sucks)while going to college. My question is, are there any years I should try to avoid, and years that are preferred? Right now I am trying to find a 94 or 95....good? Oh yeah, one more thing, it has to have vtec
One more big thing...does anyone have any pictures of 4th gen interiors (94 or 95) with the electroluminecent (spell??) dash? I've only seen it like once before. Sorry for the long post and thanks for the help in advance.
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check the damn classifieds around the country...we wont know if a lude is gonna be sold...i dunno classified sites but im sure u can find them.

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You might want to try


93 Prelude VTEC N/A (lots of mods) [email protected]

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99-V6-SANMARINO-COUPE: Thanks for being an ass...There are many knowledgable people on this board, but somehow I knew I would end up with someone like you. I know what classifieds are, and yes, I have checked them. My main question was concerning some of the year models i should try to stay away from, ones that have been known to have problems. If you didnt know the answer to that, then perhaps you shouldn't have replied...what do you think?

Vee Tec: Thanks...yeah I've been looking around.
Hey, here are some pics of my 95 VTEC interior.
Most of the years are basically the same except the 93's. The 93's didn't come with leather, don't have a passenger side airbag, and don't come with the stock subwoofer in the middle of the back seats, and don't have the electro-illuminescent gauges. They also have the heavier 7 spoke wheels i believe which weigh 22.5lbs. and the 94-96's weigh 17.5lbs. They also didn't come standard with leather. Try to stay away from the 96's because they have the OBD2 ecu which takes away the benefit of modding slightly. Ummm, i'm sure there more but i'm a little drunk right now...goodnight


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1995 Prelude VTEC w/ mods of course.
Why waste $ on a stereo? I juz' wan' speeeeeed n' looks:)
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