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Okay. Guys.
I am going turbo.
I like the look of the VDO gauges and I need your help.
Should I get the boost/vacuum gauge or just boost only?
For boost only, I want the 15 PSI gauge. Since I don't plan to run anything higher.
Now the questions, is there any more benifit to get the boost vacuum gauge and have -30hg and 25 psi
or just boost for 15 psi?
What is the point of having vacuum reading handy, for trouble shoot?
Please let me know.

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Yes. Most of us have the vacuum gauge. When your thinking you have a problem with your valves, you look at the vacuum meter to see if you're loosing compression. If you have a bent/burnt/broken valve, the vacuum pressure will fluxuate. Also, i use the vacuum side of the guage to predict boost. I start to spool about -10 ... so when i'm rolling through traffic and i'm trying to avoid boost i ride at like -12 or something ... just below -10 so i dont fire up the blower. Other than that ... no real reason. My boost guage shows -40 hg/in and 15 psi. I'm not expecting to exceed 15 psi for a long long time. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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