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Help Me Choose!!!!

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I know this is a stupid thread, but hey, gotta ask. As some of you may know, I used to have a 99 Milano Red Lude and totalled it. In search of another one as I type (used). I only want two colors, red or white. Can you guys list pros and cons of your colors? I'm partial to red, but white looks great sometimes. See too many white ones though, so if you guys could give some input, it'd be appreciated.

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I love white on the prelude more than any other color. The car can get dirty pretty quickly, but its really easy to wash compared to other colors. Also a lot of the mods, mostly wheels, go with white...even bronze


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I used to have a white car..hated washing it all the time..although it does look clean at night..hahaha..

Red..cop magnet..probably be able to see dust settle on it...cons? it true that just have a red color car can increase your insurance?

I don't know about the 5th gen, but my 'ol '88 Milano Red Prelude Si had oxidation problems after a few years. I've heard from body shops that red tends to fade more AND is more noticable while it fades compared to others.

So, I guess be a poser like Jigglybutt, ODL, Malken, and others and go for white

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i hear red paint costs more ie body kits.

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the true sports car (not literally) will be in red

but really, i still think u should go for red. theres too many whites out there (like u said). but if ur tired of your old color, getting a different color might not be bad.

but just simply picking i would choose red, its just more attractive imo
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I'd go white, but I'm biased. I can't speak for other places, but I never see white ludes around here. I always see red and black though. It's your choice...

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i personally like white more. I think it looks "cleaner" and "smoother". Its also more conservative and doesnt attract the cops as much. But dont get me wrong does look nice too. Especially after a nice wax job..the paint looks like its dripping wet. Also i think red fades easier than white. And red colors are usually harder to match than if you wanted to paint a body kit. Also i think it would be easier to match a nice set of wheels with white. but like i said earlier..i'm not hating on red cars. I just personally like white. good luck man.
white is cleaner and red seems to fade. Hard to see swirl marks on a white car.
White couldn't possibly show dirt any worse than black does. I'd go white and tint the windows like Malken did. Beautiful.

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well, the white is a pearl white and having things painted can be hard to match up and will cost alot. Also, keeping it clean can be a pain, especially cleaning those stupid black exhaust specks off the rear.

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do i even have to post???

c'mon sam, you know what i'm gonna say.

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red is too high maintenance+ 25 years down the road, it will look pink
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like everyone is saying... red fades too much and does not look good over time.

white would be my choice... but thats just my opinion.

red cars cost more for insurance I heard too.
I say pearl white, but red happens to be my least favorite color. As for paint matching, I had to get my bumper repainted twice before it matched, but it didn't cost me anything extra. Just look at the two colors next to each under when it is kinda dark outside. The pearl just makes it look soo pretty.

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if its between red and white....

WHITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey everyone rank your colours from favorite to worst (gen5):

1. Satin Silver Metallic
2. Nighthawk Black Pearl
3. Premium White Pearl
4. Milano Red
5. Electron Blue Pearl
6. the old GREEN colour they had one year..
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