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Help! I have a 1990 Prelude SR (same as the Si in the US market but mine was built for Canada).
Automatic transmission, with the B21A1 engine. I am the second owner and have just put over 7k in parts into this vehicle but am at a standstill. Here is the issue. Speedo and odometer haven't worked for years which is fine. Recently fixed a hard-start problem by replacing the coolant temp sensor and replacing plugs and wires. Car now starts fine, but is undriveable due to power loss. Here is the sequence:

  • car starts fine
  • runs fine for 2-3 min, then the S3 shift indicator starts to flash
  • 2-3 min later, the engine reaches operating temp
  • then, as I am driving comfortably at 70 KPH and 2000 RMP the power starts to slowly drop: loss of power and revs
  • pushing slowly on the gas pedal does nothing: it's as if the pedal is no longer connected to the throttle
  • pumping on the gas will keep the car lurching along
  • flooring the gas pedal will (almost) redline the tach, and the car will grab 2'nd gear for a few seconds, then lose poser again

As stated, car has new wiring and plugs, and fuel filter was also cleaned
Also, the tech used a camera to look behind the instrument cluster (which I replaced a few years ago), and stated that there is a big scratch across the circuit board.


  • Replace the cluster?
  • VSS?
  • MAP sensor?
  • plugged cat convertor?

Please help. I LOVE this car and need to get it running again.
Thanks in advance for any/all advice you can provide.
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