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DIY: how to fix's yellow ion bulbs (worldlight)

CLIFF NOTES: broken bulb is loose, which is why it doesn't work, wrap wire or solder the place inbetween the lense(clear part of bulb) and the h3c adapter thing to make the bulb tight and snug, then install and turn on and smile:D

well after getting my 2nd pair of these suckers, i was pissed off that 1 of them didn't work again. so admist all the profanity, i noticed that the the bulb itself was loose on the h3c adapter (if thats what you call it). and the other one was set tight. if you shake the loose bulb you can hear the lense/bulb rattle, and if you shake the good one, well it doesn't rattle. so i took some metal wire and wrapped it around inbetween the lense and the metal part it sticks into, so the bulb wouldn't move and wouldn't make a noise when shaking. and voila:eek:! you could probably just solder instead of putting wire inbetween there.

however i have a question, i know that the wire will get extremely hot, will that effect the bulb performance or would it kill the bulbs life?

i'lll try to post some pics up later, but i couldnt find my digi
i hope this makes some not good at explaining
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