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Has anyone looked into this thing?

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Sorry I haven't been following a lot of the OBD1 conversion theads. I hope this thing wasn't brought up before. Have you guys looked at this thing?

"Fields ECU jumper harness
Field has developed an alternative for all 96+ Acura/Hondas hindered by the OBD2, factory ECU. This newly developed jumper harness will allow 96+ Acura/Honda vehicles to plug-in any OBD1 computer. This harness is the perfect solution for any 96+ NA or turbocharged Acura/Honda wanting to use a racing OBD1 ECU. A perfect match for our chipped OBD1 ECU's. FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY"

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Yes, lots of places sell them.

North Texas Prelude Owners Group
Skunk2 has been selling the conversion harness for 1 - 2 yrs now. It is not just plug and play on the H22a because of differences in sensor locations and injector types on the OBD1 and OBD2 motors. There have been at least 5 threads in the last month or two that detail everyting you need to do to convert...

i was just about to post the same thing, my dad showed it to me in his summit racing catalogue.
Thanks guy, I guess scrap that idea
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