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While checking clearances on my mains using the ACL Race bearings, they seemed to be way too loose. More than 0.002in.
Referring to this from the Helm's, I'm clearly past even the service limit.
And mind you, every single bearing was about exactly the same, +0.002in, only one of them was a solid 0.0015in.
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Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I tried two times. The crank and bearings are clean, and un-lubed. I tried once with dry bolts, and once with the bolts dipped in engine oil, as is said to be done when doing a proper install.
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I am using plastigauge from orielly's, if it matters. I do know this bearings are harder than oem bearings, though I am unaware if that means the clearances can be looser or not. Although this H22 will be turboed (yes it's properly sleeved and has forged internals), I am going to be running it NA for probably a good 6-8 months first. If it was turbo out the gate, I wouldn't be as concerned over such a clearance.

So do y'all think this is perfectly safe? Or will I have to try something else.
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