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BACKGROUND: As bought -97 5th gen with H22A4 running a JDM ECU (P5P). Discovered the PO had modified the WIRING HARNESS a bit. Engine started blowing oil out the tail pipe- did a swap.
NOW: Swapped to a low mileage H22 JDM using the same ECU (P5P) on original PO-modified wire harness. Runs very strong on flat road. BUT...hit the mountains (1400 ft) and it will not run above 1800 rpm and slowly drops to about 1500 rpm - no power going up hills. BTW- OBD2 16 pin port won't scan on any protocol, nor can I trigger the CEL/MIL light to read codes using the 2 pin trigger.

WHAT APPROACH SHOULD I TAKE?? What's the most economical (technician time and level of effort) and best outcome approach could I take with this problem
  • Take to knowledgeable shop and have them troubleshoot the problem -
    • Try to keep the OEM JDM ECU that matches the newly swapped H22 JDM and correct problems that are causing the loss of power up hills. Wiring harness has been modified (clue)
    • FTS and buy an OBDI ECU (P28 et al) that will work with HONDATA.
    • Am I missing other options??
Old time mechanic here, but newbie to electronic engine controls.

Thanks for you best thoughts in advance.
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