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H22a import prelude 197bhp

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Selling my car due to needing room for kids .
P (97) reg
115k km
Import model with digital heater
Sir (197bhp) H22a engine
Fully flushed last year.
Cam belt and water pump
4 new tyres last year NS2 s
No upgrades other than K&N panel filter.
Full service Inc plugs and rad flush,
Altanator rebuild
Under body painted.
Water and oil sensors replaced.
Full tcut and G3 polished last year and G3 every 3 months since.
No rust at all on any sill or arch,
No problem with smoke or VTEC issues.
Gear box oil change last year and a drive shaft seal was in need of changing, left a little oil under the box area but you can see it's old now.
Some spares to go with sale such as gear nob and garter, right stork, some bulbs ect.
Changing rear shock in next couple of weeks as the ones that are on are to soft really, and the front and back engine mounts to as a little play under load , I'm OCD and think it's only right to change them before there to bad,
The car has had a full deep clean inside and the seats are like new, original prelude Matt's . Sony double din stero.
This model has the rare bumper turn lights that go on with signal.

Be happy with £4350 as been offered
more but never came back to me, there is a offer for 4k on the table but I've spent over 2k the last year and done a lot of the work myself so the above price is the lowest I'll go, not in any rush to sell or need the money, just have a new project that the car and bikes are going in to .

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