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Got my lude back!

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Well after not having my lude for about 3 weeks... a damn SEPTA bus took the door off.. I was getting into the car and the bus missed hitting me by about 6 inches or so.. so I got the whole side of the car repainted along with taking out all the other dings and whatnot on the car for a PROFIT of 500 dolalrs.. I got my pinstripe removed.. getting my Konig Verdicts (black opal) installed this weekend.. woo hoo.. they have been on order for about 2 months now.. :p Just glad to have my baby back.. I had a 2001 ford focus as a rental.. four door BLAH.. really makes my car feel so much faster in comparison...
Well just thought I would share..
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omg, you drove a focus...hahahhahahahhaha

for three weeks???? ahhhhh

i woulda traded that sucka for somethin else...immediately...oh well, thats just me

but yeah...always a great feeling to have your car back, esp when you just made $500

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Yeah it worked out really well.. cause the body shop didn't make me pay the deductable of 500 dollars, but my insurance company is still gonna get my 500 dollars that I did NOT spend BACK from the Bus company that hit my lude.. SO with the 500 bones I am gonna get A greddy header and replace my radiator..


1994 VTEC
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