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Got my exhaust Today!!!

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Well it finally came, I just picked up my Apexi N1 exhaust a few minutes ago. All i need now is for the snow to stop and the sun to come out so i get install it.
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Congratulation!!! When u install it, can u post some pics? I got my ordered 2 weeks ago and they keep on messing up the order. I can't wait til I get mine.
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I will, just hope i can find a nice day
cool, did you get in the groupbuy?

95 Prelude VTEC
I got it from a local shop, they just had to bring it in.
Put the exhuast on and go wake up your pix when you get it on.



With Great Powers Come Great Responsibilities--Never Underestimate the Power of the VTEC
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Well it is the middle of the afternoon but most of my neighbours are old so i guess they would be sleeping.
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Green, congrats, bring it out to the meet and we'll hear some different notes all around =).
For sure Lude2k, I'll be at the meet
Hey Congrads man GreenLude.. looks like this summer's Alberta Meet will be pretty... "loud"

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by pkw1:
Hey Congrads man GreenLude.. looks like this summer's Alberta Meet will be pretty... "loud"

I will sell someone mine. I hate it. I want the greddy sp.

anyone want to trade?
If I see a loud Green Lude around, I'll know who it is
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I'm sure i'm the only Green Lude in the city with gen3 Altezza. Lude2k i saw your car on looks sweet.
Vabeach, what about the n1 don't you like??and damnit just take a friggin PE!!!!!!! I want your exhaust!
What year is you N1 for and how much do you want for it?
Trust me, both of you don't want my N1. The reason I have not sold it is because I know no one would buy it. It is scratched up a little on the bottom front of the canister. It could be sanded easily but trust me, you wouldn't want it.

If I had to sell it I would say make me an offer. My N1 is a year and a half old and has the original (better) super silencer w/ it.


14.6 @ 93.6mph with I/E
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chris your killing me, I WANT IT!! I saw that thing in real life and i was sold immediately. Loundness is not a problem as my neighbor is getting a B&B or Mozart exhaust on his m3 and he will be roaring. So just give in and trade...i might even be in MD this weekend so it can be done quickly.
You still didnt tell me what you don't like about it besides the sound.
Seriously, the only reason I don't like it is because of the sound. I want something that looks more stock and isnt as loud. I don't like getting attention from the Police. On the other hand, I ran a 14.6 with this exhaust *sigh*

Do you have your stock exhaust still?
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