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Over time, your vehicle's body can get covered with grease, dirt, and scratches, and instead of the mirror-like finish, you see damaged, faded, or oxidized paint. This issue can be addressed with a high-quality polish and some easy-to-perform actions you can do in your garage.

There is a huge range of products to choose from, but today we'd like to give you a closer look at the new line of Detail Products by Rixxu. It includes Pre-Surface Prep, Pre-Polish, and Finishing Polish.

Our tech expert Greg has used a 2001 Ford Mustang as a template to show you how they work and the results you can achieve. Give your Prelude the shine it deserves with Rixxu Detail Products!

Rixxu™ - 16 oz. Pre-Surface Prep

Rixxu™ - 16 oz. Pre-Polish

Rixxu™ - 16 oz. Finishing Polish

Rixxu Detail Catalog: Rixxu™ Auto Detailing -
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