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Gen1 Tail Lights???

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I just got a lude and i was wondering if there were any problems with those gen 1 altezza lights?? I read somewhere they leak or something???

thanks guys
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welcome to the club.
sorry i cant help you with your question though. I dont have altezza lights.

good response 88lude. ok well ive heard that the APC brand altezzas leak. it doesnt matter what generation. Just dont buy APC is what I've heard.
is that sarcasm? and i see you are from MD. are you going to metro tonight?

problems? well 1, they're illegal, and 2, they look like ass
Every f*ckin APC Altezza leaks because unlike OEM Honda tail lights they are mass produced very poorly. So if you do get those aftermarket Altezzas or clears make sure you seal em.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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