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those of you in philly or neighboring cities, running, or have a factory mapped p13, im requesting your help.

i just need to hold your ecu right quick. a couple hours is all i need, or less. you could be there while i do it and watch if you like. i've been waiting so long to get the vtec running correct, and im a couple steps closer.

i have a dinan tuned p13 ecm on loan courtesy of andrew bka aklucsarits, but i need use of a factory mapped p13, as the dinan computer is making me run extrememly lean all the time.

im in northeast philly, but i'll come to you. i basically want to view how the motor reacts to both factory and tuned ecm's and see if there really is a problem with my fuel system. once thats resolved, then i move over to troublshooting the vtec.

please hit me up if you're willing to help me out. thanks in advance

don't touch me . . .

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