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I'm selling 2 Megan Racing gauges, and an Autometer A-Pillar Dual Pod. The gauges are both electrical, and everything is brand new and never has been installed. I originally bought all of this about a year ago, but became too lazy to install them so I'm selling them now. The gauges include senders, sensors, o-rings, screws, etc that's needed to install them into your car!

The gauges are tinted black and when they are not on, they have a nice, smoked out look that's stealthy - much like the electroluminescent display for the 94-96 Preludes. They are 52mm gauges, and are LED lit.

Here are pictures (not mine) that show what they look like when the gauges are lit up:

Electrical Oil Pressure Gauge:

Electrical Water Temperature Gauge:

The Autometer gauge pod is black, and again comes with all mounting hardware.

Here are my prices, and they are OBO as well.

Oil Pressure Gauge: $35 shipped
Water Temperature Guage: $35 shipped
A-Pillar Dual Pod: $20 shipped

COMBO DEAL: $85 shipped

If you're looking to get into racing, these are a MUST HAVE on the track to make sure you're keeping an eye on your engine. The white LED backing gives a great look to any interior, and buy these from me! I will also sell locally, and PM me if you're interested for a lower cost for pick ups!


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I want the water temp gauge. I need to check my funds though.
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