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I only had this for 3 months and would like to either sell it or trade + cash for pretty new head unit that has no screen.

There is nothing wrong with the unit and works perfectly but I am currently trying to convert my gauge pods into the triple 52mm gauge center console and need to relocate my radio. Thus, the reason for me to get an aftermarket system without lcd screen.

This is the exact unit Crutchfield: LCD TV, Car Audio, Home Theater, Speakers, Plasma TV

You can do your research on prices but I have some here:

This also comes with the evo specific harness so you just have to plug and play. no splicing and I can even help you install if you would like. I will even include the bypass switch so you can watch movies/dvds while you are driving. If you dont know what that is, all video players you buy in the market for your car will not work if you pull the e-brake up. You need to bypass it if you want to watch(your passengers that is) while you drive.

I'm not trying to make a profit from this but just dont want to lose too much money at the same time get the result I want. whether its selling it then buying something cheaper or just trade+cash.

Pictures are below. email me or pm me if you have any questions. [email protected]

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