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FS: CarPC (Case, Mobo, PSU, HDD) & 7" Touchscreen

Hey all -

I sold my 2001 Prelude that had my CarPC in it... I made this CarPC about 1.5months ago... It had about 1 week of use on it before I removed it in preparation for my TL.

I have it posted on eBay to handle all of the payments. I am Paypal Certified. The item will be shipped as soon as payment is received from the auction.

Pictures of the unit: xbi0s/CarPC 12v - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

eBay Link


Hey folks -

Another part of my former CarPC... This is the Lilliput 7" TS LCD that I used...

It's in fully functioning condition but does have residue from the previous install into the dash. This is no problem for someone molding this into another project or someone who wants to replace the front plate.

This item is being sold on eBay -- Thanks!!
Lilliput 7" Touch Screen LCD Monitor - eBay (item 320329915083 end time Jan-14-09 17:37:23 PST)

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