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The Cheeze
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Received this new from the insurance company when my car was broken into. Decided not to install. Brand new, never opened.

Specs from Alpine
Alpine Electronics of Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

Apline iDA-X100
EDIT NEW PRICE: $250 shipped

payment via paypal


* 2.2" TFT full color display
* 24-Bit Burr Brown DAC
* iTunes® Tagging for HD Radio
* Selectable Dual Illumination (Blue/Red)
* Sub Display Output for use with OEM sub displays
* 18Wx4 RMS power / 50Wx4 Max power
* USB Connection for iPod (cable included)
* Full Speed for iPod (using optional KCE-422i)
* USB Mass Storage ready
* Percentage Search
* Alphabet Search
* Ai-NET
* Remote Control ready
* Full Speed AUX+ input (using optional KCE-236B)
* High-Pass Crossover (selectable 80/120/160Hz)
* Bass Center Frequency control with Q, Treble Center Frequency control
* Large Double-Action Rotary Encoder Knob
* Spanish Language compatible
* Steering Wheel Remote ready
* IMPRINT ready (PXA-H100 required)
* 24-Bit Burr Brown DAC
* 3pr Pre-Out (2V)



* Din Size: 1
* Chassis Size (W x H x D) mm: 178mm x 50mm x 156mm


* Maximum Pre Output Voltage: 4V
* Power Requirement: 14.4 (11-16) V.DC
* Operating Temperature ( °C/ °F): 60 °C (140 °F) to -10 °C (14 °F)
* Weight: 1.0 kg (2 lbs. 3 oz.)

Im also including the mounting bracket and the Honda/Acura 1998-2005 harness they sent with it.


The Cheeze
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bump, make me offer, I might take it!

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That seems like a good deal. I saw it at BB for about $300, a while back, but couldn't bring myself to spend quite that much. So, I bought the next model down. It sounds great, but is kind of a pain to search for songs on the iPod with only a one line display...So, someone should buy this ;)
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