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The time has come.. car is in excellent mechanical shape with 199k miles. Black exterior/ black cloth interior. Original H23 has lots of life left and transmission was replaced about 30k miles ago and shifts perfectly. I will also include any spare parts I have lying around along with the 92 Helms service manual for this car.

Modifications: DC ceramic header, APexi WS exhaust (slightly louder than stock), lightweight flywheel, 5-lug 5th gen wheels, legend GS brake calipers, factory fog lights, 6x9 subwoofer between rear seats (from a vtec). Sony head unit with CDT components running off an amp in the trunk.

The bad: Has couple of exterior body issues - small rust spots on quarter panels and some minor door dings. A section of the roof behind the sunroof has primer on it and will need to be painted (bird poop ate through paint and I had to do a quick fix). ABS light is on - most likely a bad sensor wire, which I never bothered to fix since it doesn't affect braking (unless you drive in snow a lot)

Some parts that were replaced in the last 2 years:

-new tires with less than 2,000 miles
-spark plugs and wires
-fuel injectors professionally cleaned (fixed common hesitation issue)
-new rotors and pads
-new heater control cables

Also, since I bought the car 8 years ago, have also replaced rear wheel bearing, shocks/springs (stock), upper control arm bushings, transmission mount, driveshafts, rear engine mount, and probably 10 other things that I can't remember. This car is good to go for another 100k.

I will try to get some current pictures up soon... weather permitting.
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