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Please PM me about this stuff because i'm never in here. Cleaned out the garage and need to get rid of stuff.

1 Brand New Kumho Ecsta 205/40zr17 tire. $70 shipped

Massive Audio PA550 5-channel amp, I forget exact specs, but I believe it's 60x4 + 1x265 RMS. Very powerful amp. Used for ~6 months in the lude, sold the lude now i dont need it. MSRP was almost $600 when i bought it. $200 shipped.

Xtant 603x, used for 3 months. 3- channel amp with the module to make it 5-channel. Still has white plastic over the chrome, has never been removed. $250 shipped.

Xtant 3300x. My most favorite and powerful amp i've ever owned. 1 ohm stable. 5 channel amp. Needs a power supply. $100 shipped.

Let me know about these, remember, PM is key.

I currently have a DLS RA50 so I have no use for any of these.
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