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front sway bar bushings review

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okay so i put the front sway bar bushings on. you may have heard me say it before but if not, when i ordered the energy suspension front sway bar bushings for a 92-96 prelude they sent me some 22mm bushings WAAAAYY too small, but thats all they had so i just ordered some 25mm generic bushings. this set comes with both the bushing and the housing that it goes in, which is very important since the stock bushing is extremely large and the energy suspension bushing will not fit in the stock bushing housing. installation was very straightforward but does require some patience and some muscle since it is a generic kit and isn't specifically intended for the prelude, i needed to bend the brackets slightly to make them fit better also.
performance impression: definitely less front body roll, i already had the rears installed and these complemented them nicely. the most noticeable effect of the bushings is the increased steering response. not as much effort is required in the steering wheel for turns anymore. for that alone i'd get them. they only cost me about $15 i believe, from ...if you want the numbers of the kits i used just ask. oh, and this was for a 4th gen, but i believe the bushings are the same.
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Yes post the part numbers. I was thinking about getting an rear ST bar for the racing season, but if 15 dollar bushings improve handling I would get them now and wait for the rear sway bar.
Rear: 16-5122 (sway bar and endlinks)
Front: 9-5129 (sway bar only)

if you order from its $17 for the rear and $14 for the front. i was thinking about getting front and rear sway bars but i don't see any way why i would get them now.
what size is your stock front sway bar? mine is like 24.2mm and i think i'll get the 24mm bushings. thanks for the review.

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oh yeah, my front bar is 25.4mm i got the 25mm bushings and they were fine, but check it out before you order them for sure because energy suspensions doesn't even have it right for the 4th gen preludes.
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