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Capacity Specifications​

ATTS Oil Quantity
1.4 l (1.5 qt.)

Fluid - A/T
At Changing [1] 2.5 l (2.6 US qt.)

At Overhaul 6.2 l (6.6 US qt.)
[1] Active Torque Transfer System (ATTS) unit requires 0.95 Liter (1.0 Qt.)

Compressor HVAC
Lubricant Type SP-10
Lubricant Capacity 130 -0/+20 mL

Drain and Refill
Capacity with manual transmission 3.2 L
Capacity with automatic transmission 3.2 L

Total Oil Capacity For Engine Overhaul 5.9 l (6.2 qts.)

For Oil Change, Including Filter 4.8 l (5.1 qts.)

For Oil Change, Without Filter 4.5 l (4.8 qts.)

Evaporator Core
Lubricant Type SP-10
Lubricant Capacity 40 mL

Fluid - Differential
Oil Filling 1.5 qt (US)Note: This service is necessary after disassembly or replacement of the ATTS unit.
Oil Replacement 1.0 qt (US)
Fluid Type Genuine Honda Formula ATF

Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Capacity 15.9 gal.

Hose/Line HVAC
Lubricant Type SP-10
Lubricant Capacity 10 mL

Manual Transmission/Transaxle
Fluid Capacities After Overhaul 2.0 US qt. (1.9l)
After Maintenance 2.1 US qt. (2.0l)

Fluid - M/T
CAPACITY 1.9 liters (2.0 pints)

Power Steering Fluid
System Capacity Note: At disassembly 1.27 qt (US)
Reservoir Capacity 0.42 qt (US)

Fluid Type Specifications

Brake Fluid
Fluid type DOT 3 or 4

Clutch Fluid

Fluid Type DOT 3 Brake Fluid Note: or equivalent.

Coolant/Anti-freeze Ethylene Glycol Based Coolant
Concentration Minimum 50 %
Maximum 60 %

Specified type [1] API SJ "Energy Conserving" grade oil
[1] The oil container may also display the API Certification seal. Make sure it says "For Gasoline Engines".

Specified viscosities:
Temperatures below 95°F (35°C) SAE 5W-30

Temperatures above 14°F (-10°C) SAE 10W-30

Refrigerant (A/C)
HFC-134a R-134a

Refrigerant Oil
Polyalkleneglycol (PAG) SP-10 Oil

Power Steering Fluid
Honda Power Steering Fluid V 0r S
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