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Hi all, looking to buy my first prelude as a bit of a project and found one on marketplace for £2,500 (roughly $2,900) It needs a bit of work and he's open to a lower offer with some the work thats been discovered and will need doing, so just wanted some advice on how much and how hard the work might be doing as to whether it is a good find or not. List of work needed is below so any advice or info is appreciated.

- Fitting new radiator (needs new mounts & support, but car comes woth the new radiator)
- Needs a new windscreen, can't see many around so what sort of price am I looking at?
- Thermostat appears to be shot, again can't see many about and how hard is it to get to?
- Head gasket will need replacing
- Potentially new piston rings too

It has an MOT until next June and only has 145,000km on the clock (Jap import in 2006 judging by history) so very on the fence as it seems good and I could do the work, just I'm working on being a racing driver as well which is equally as expensive so not sure if it's just popper at the wrong time so wanted some outside influence to have a look and further insight on it.

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