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Hi everyone. My first post here. I own a 97 Base with some mods. Not much though. I will have to get together a photo for everyone.

I am wondering if anyone knows if someone sells those wire mess grills for a stock front clip though? If so, who and where can I get it?


97 Base
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Welcome to H-A.

Everyone is cool on here, loads of tech. knowledge floating around.
I have learnt a few things about my car that I probably wouldn't have known otherwise.
One suggestion, use the FAQ and search function before you post, as it has probably been talked about before.

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Welcome to the board. As U.K. VTEC said, you will learn a lot on this board, I know I have. Make sure you do searches and look in the faq.

To answer your question, I have not seen anyone that makes aftermarket grills for the lude as of yet. Someone else correct me if there are any and let me know too. You will probably have to find some material that you would like for a grill and make one yourself. Or you could buy a grill for another car and modify it to fit the lude. Just some suggestions. Hope it helps.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by VeeTec:
I would have to run o0OO0o for warrants. :)
He just looks like a trouble maker. :p
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Orginally posted by o0OO0o:
by the way, this board sucks, go away!
Be nice to the newbie.
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